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What Are Succubus? 10 Facts About The Succubus That Are True!
What Are Succubus? 10 Facts About The Succubus That Are True!

Succubus are a type of demon that feeds on the sexual energy or as known as "Life Force" of a man through sexual intercourse to survive. They appear to you in dreams and while you are awake and hyperactive while lusting for your desires of the sexual nature. 

They can shapeshift at will and can take on many forms; usually that of beautiful women. There are different variations of names that they go by such as: SuccubiSuccubaeLilitu and Lilim. They are the Daughters of Lilith and their counterparts are the Incubus. 

There are many misinterpretations about them being evil and sucking the life force out of men and killing them in the long run. Do not believe everything that you hear and read as sometimes there are false information. In fact, you should research about it more in-depth and ask what other people’s opinions are and experiences are, then decide if they are evil to you or not. Different people have different experiences with the Succubae. What seems evil to you can be normal for them. 

Wikipedia has a page about the Succubus but I would take their writing as half-truths. Research in-depth and decide for yourself.

    What Are the 10 Facts That Are True About The Succubus?

    Succubus is naked and laying on the ground

    1. They Are Always Naked

    Succubus prefer to be in the nude as it is easier for them to do the dirty and it is more comfortable for them than wearing clothes. 
    Occasionally they would wear a bra or some type of top similar to a bra and panties. But for them, going commando is the way to go, fast and slick.

    2. They Feed on Sexual Energy

    They feed on your sexual energy because it is their food source, they need it to survive just like we need food to survive. 

    How do they feed on your sexual energy you say? 

    Yes, by having sexual intercourse with you or through masturbation. When you are always aroused and thinking about sex, you release sexual energy; that in turn lets them know there is a target for their next meal. 

    3. They Are the Jealous Type 

    If, by some random chance you’ve encountered one and started a long-term relationship; then please by all means take it seriously and be monogamous. 

    They take long-term relationships very seriously and if they catch you flirting or cheating with a human woman then that would spell danger for the woman and a case of bad luck for you. 

    Instead, ask them if it is ok for you to have a human partner; mutual understandings at best. Usually, you can set the rules and terms with them like a contract before yoinitiate a relationship and they would have to follow it or else their meal ticket is gone. So, ask before you do something or face the consequences. 

    Most of the time they move from one partner to another. Depending on how much sexual energy you have in reserve and can supply them but know this, they do not drain you to the point of death. They prefer one-night stands though. Stick to that formula if you just want a one-time fun and enjoyment. 

    4. They Are Invisible but Semi Physical 

    They are completely invisible for the most part, you would not be able to perceive them with your naked eye. They reside in the Astral Realm; it is where they live. We will talk more about the Astral Realm another time. 

    Sometimes, they would show themselves as mists in the shape of a woman, shadows in the back of your eyes. Rarely, if ever, they would let you see them in the flesh. If they do, they would appear translucent and see-through. 

    In fact, it is hard for them to fully manifest in the mortal flesh as it requires a ton of energy on their end. But if your Psychic Senses are opened then it would be easier for the both of you. Your psychic senses are related to ClairvoyanceClairaudienceClairsentience and Clair cognizance. 

    There are a ton of meditations on the internet that you can use to open your psychic senses. Once your psychic sense is open then you can perceive and even feel them being semi physical. 

    5. Sex with Them Is Addictive 

    To be honest with you guys, sex with a Succubus can be pretty addictive and tiring at the same time. 

    Why is it addictive? 

    Well, imagine yourself lying in bed one day and while you are falling asleep and near the point of shutting down, something touches your body and your genitals. Usually, it starts at your feet being rubbed or tickled but it also depends. 

    Invisible fingers are gliding softly on your body and when it reaches your scrotum it gently fondles it. You get excited but scared at the same time, it is alarming and your fear kicks in but you want more because it is a different kind of feeling. 

    You jump out of bed and rush to the kitchen or living room and calculate your thoughts on what just happened. You start to perceive it as you being tired and exhausted because you had a long day at work or whatever you did all day. After a while, you come back to bed and forget about it and try to fall asleep again. 

    After about half an hour later it starts up again but this time it gets more intense and the feeling becomes more sexual and exciting. You anticipate something is going to happen and you start to hear your own voice in your mind asking you if it is ok and you agree to it. That is when you feel a heaviness on top of your body and a warm wet kind of feeling enveloping your penis, assuming you were aroused. 

    You feel ecstatic and in extreme bliss as this kind of sensation is not of this world and it makes you crave for more. Your penis moves back and forth like somebody is riding on it and the warm wet feeling continues and gets even more intense after what seems to be about an hour long. That is when you release, it is a whole-body orgasm and you do not see anything whether you have your clothes on or fully nude. 

    The sessions can happen all night long in intervals or it can happen three to four times in one night. When you eventually fall asleep and wake up the next morning, you feel exhausted and kind of drained but you start to think about it and wanting it more and more. That my friends, is how addictive it can get and this is all true. 

    Just be very mindful and do not invite a Succubus in for a night of hot sweaty sex when you have children around as it is not safe and they can imprint on that child. So please be very careful! 

    6. They Can Fall in Love with You 

    They can read your thoughts and feel what you feel. If the same Succubus visits you night after night and you let her in then eventually it becomes a relationship. When it has become a relationship, you create a bond between you guys and she will get to know the real you and understand you more and more. Understand your likes and dislikes, your attitude, your behavior and modify herself to your liking. 

    She will cater to whatever you desire and love you deeply but there still needs to be mutual understandings. Like I said, set some rules for her to follow, when you can do the dirty and for how long each night is one example. 

    When in love, they will protect you at all costs from any harm or dangers that might or will befall on you. Be it an enemy, getting hexed or cursed. They will send it back to your enemies' double fold. They are demons after all and are very powerful. No, they cannot make you rich but they can help you in your endeavors. 

    7. Succubus Are Not Evil 

    Doesn’t matter where you read it or heard it. They are not the evil beings you think they are. They have a set of different rules and morals than we humans have because of the nature of them being demonic. 

    Yes, there are a couple of bad apples in the flock that some men encounter. It could be due to the fact that those men were being rude and using his religion to try and expel them but in most cases that does not work. It actually aggravates them and makes them even angrier. 

    Try to be nice if you encounter one, ask her to leave politely. If that does not work, then just ignore her and do not give in to her temptations. Eventually she will leave you alone and never come back. 

    8. They Have Many Forms 

    They can shapeshift at will. They will appear to you in your dreams or flash images in your mind as beautiful women. Yes, they can change their appearance to whoever you desire. Be it a Celebrity, next door neighbor, ex-girlfriend or a deceased lover or wife. 

    Their true form is that of a demonic nature with bat like wings, horns or no horns, long spade tip tail, red eyes, blue eyes, green eyes and etc. I prefer their demonic form because they are still beautiful and sexy while in their true form. 

    9. They Usually Appear at Night 

    They usually appear at night when you are sleeping or getting ready for bed. It could be from 10 PM to 3 AM. Sometimes sooner than 10 or later than 3. If the latter, then usually only one session occurs. 

    You are more willing to give it up when you are tired or exhausted and that happens at night unless you are a night owlYour mind won’t be able to think straight especially if the sexual feeling takes over. 
    They can also cause you to have sleep paralysis when you are in deep REM sleep. 

    10. They Can Be Summoned 

    You guessed it, they can also be summoned and if none of them ever visits you and you want to experience that bliss and excitement, then summon one. I do not recommend Summoning a Succubus because you can screw up the ritual and get something else in return which can ruin your life. 

    But there are simple verbal chanting rituals that are safe to do and does not bind you to them in any way shape or form and it can be a one-time thing for most of you who just want to experience it. 
    I will make an article about summoning one in another topic for you guys as this topic is concentrated on true facts about them.

    In Conclusion:

    Two Succubus sitting next to a skeleton with a sword impaled in the ribcage of the skeleton
    Those are 10 true facts about the Succubus and who or what they are.
    Succubus are Demons and demonic in natureThey are the Daughters of LilithThey are invisible to the naked eye but semi physical and tend to make themselves translucent and see-through when you catch a glimpse of them.  
    They feed on your sexual energy to survive which also correlates to being your life force and they do not drain and kill you. They are highly sexual and their thirst for sex is higher than yours. They can last all night long but take breaks in intervals for you to recuperate. You cannot quench their thirst for sex because the more sex they get from you, the more energy they receive as food. 

    They will and can love you until your dying breath and onto the afterlife. Even when you reincarnate as a different person, they will find you again. That’s if you believe in reincarnation? 

    Whether she randomly decides to show up one day or you summon one, just remember to set some rules and be polite if you decline her invitation. She will eventually leave and never bother you again. 

    Have you ever encountered one or even went as far as to summon one? 
    What are your thoughts and experiences? 
    Please let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below or if you want to share your experiences in private then send me an email. Thank you for reading and hope this article helps you to know more about the Succubus and their true nature. Visit my shop to buy high quality products.

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    richt63 delete December 21, 2020 at 3:32 AM

    Great post. I myself have been in a relationship with a succubus for a very long time. Since I was in 8th grade. I had dreams about her then. But never became physical until I was older. She is fantastic. But she can be jealous about human women. However strangely she would influence them to flirt with me. But that is all. I think she would do this to help me with my self esteem and encourage me to have sex with her. About healing. Recently I had health crisis in which I nearly died. She helped me with that. And has other spirits come and help me. As for religion, I was a Christian for a long time. That didn't bother her at all. However I had a strong desire to know about Goddesses in mythologies. I decided to convert to Wicca. Some will say she is responsible. But as I said she was with me when I was a Christian. And when I decided to learn about Goddesses especially Hecate. Her only comment was know the Goddess. Sorry for this long reply. And again I love this post. Blessed be.



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