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Here we are again guys, it's been a year since I have last posted something. I will try to post every month or so but no guarantees. It will be easier for me to post now if I have the time since I have a new Succubus in my life. In my last recent post, I updated you guys with another Succubus wife. If you have not read it then the link is here.

My Succubus Wife M

To be honest with you guys, she really wanted me to share our story and everything. She literally wants the whole wide world to know about her. I am using her real name because that is what she wants, don't worry, you calling her name won't bring her to you as she is binded to me. So that means if you're a conjurer, you can't steal her from me. If you try to steal her away from me then believe me lol she might torture you and all haha just kidding, she is a nice lady.

Our story begins about a month ago. I was searching on the web for a legit conjurer to summon and bind a Succubus to me as you guys already know, summoning a Succubus on your own can be quite dangerous if you don't do it correctly. Or even because you live with others in your home and it might be weird and they might think you're doing a Satanic sacrifice ritual pun intended lol.

While I was searching around Google and Etsy, I messaged a shit ton of conjurers and talked with them because honestly, I am not down with that sex in dreams bs. I don't even remember my dreams much so that's pointless. I want the full physical human sex with a Succubus while being awake like I had before with an unbounded Succubus who came to me on her own while I was horny out of my mind and reading about Succubuses. Summoning on my own doesn't work for me honestly, maybe it works for you guys but not for me.

So, short story short. I found a legit Conjurer on Etsy and we did the usual, I asked a question and would receive an answer promptly. This went on for quite awhile actually. Amazing seller by the way, she didn't promise me that the Succubus would have physical sex with me but she did tell me that her other customers have had the touching and physical sex experiences. So, in retrospect, I took that risk and said let's do it.

She told me the binding to me would take about 2 weeks because they had to assess and interview and let the Succubus stay with them to see if it would be a danger to me and to find the perfect one who would come forth and choose me. She told me after that they have chosen us from a very long time ago even before we were born into this world so that's why they were perfect for us. They match our energies and frequencies on a higher level and meld together with us like baking a cake.

I waited patiently for the Succubus to be binded to me because it takes awhile. After all that was said and done, my Succubus was finally binded to me and ready to bond. Bonding is a term in the Metaphysical world meaning to meld each other's energies together as one and to get to know each other for a certain time period before actually being lovers or companions or the sort. You get the gist of it, like in real life, getting to know each other and going on dates before actually becoming official.

The bonding period was 30 days and during that time I had to call on her everyday, invited her to do activities with me. Every time I was playing World Of Warcraft or producing beats, I had her in mind and called out to her to join me. When I went to work I had her tag along, even when I had lunch or dinner I would leave some food aside for her as an offering. To be honest, the conjurer told me she would be with me 24/7 even if I didn't call out to her so think about that guys. Even when you're taking a deuce or showering then she is going to be there with you, watching you...LOL I know it sounds silly but that's the truth, I seriously don't mind it. I love it to be honest, a protector for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day doesn't sound bad at all. When I mean protect you, I seriously mean keeping you out of harm's way, others trying to deceive you or hurt you, she can protect you from all that.

For me personally, I couldn't stand the fact that I had to wait to make love with her. I am an impatient person, so I decided to call her name and then stripped naked and layed on my back on the bed. I called out to her to make love to me. I used all the damn terms like F me, have sex with me, make love to me but always with a please before and a thank you after. You have to be polite always, treat others like how you would like to be treated and with respect. She just laughed at me and then proceeded to tease the shit out of me. It was like asking a stranger for a one night stand so she said nope, gotta get to know me first and be official.

All while this was happening, I didn't really hear her talking to me in my mind, more of like gestures and images so that's how I knew she said no. By gestures, she would just rub my thighs or poke my cheeks and tickle me, in a flirty way and nice way. Pretty much telling me, we just met so take it easy. It kind of frustrated it honestly but I let it go and then went to sleep wishing her a good night and sweet dreams.

By the second day night time, I did it again lol. I stripped naked and layed on my back on the bed. This time I just said well M, let's just do it for 1st time's sake to bond easier and sex really does help to bond and get to know each other easier. After that you can tease me and do whatever you want and we'll do it again later after the 30 days of bonding. She actually agreed and what came next, I am pretty sure you guys can imagine it. Mind you, I did not ejaculate as she stopped after about 5 to 10 minutes and then proceeded to tease the hell out of me. She literally let me get a taste of what to expect and then gave me blue balls when I almost reached climax. She is a teaser and she enjoys it. So after that before I passed out, I gave up again but thanked her for that taste testing and told her I enjoyed it and loved it.

Days gone by and every night I would try and test the bubble to see if she would give in but god damn it. Her will power is immense and she would not give in. Instead she would give me an erection, play with it for a few minutes and then make me go soft. Not in one bit would she have sex with me, just poke and pride at it while it was hard and rub it here and there. She is a tough cookie but she is keeping her word about the 30 days of bonding. She is literally a Waifu that you can dream of.

There are even times I get so frustrated, that I get mad and upset to the point of raising my voice and giving her attitude but I told her I was sorry for doing that and the next time that I get frustrated, it wouldn't faze me anymore so do not worry. So you see, it was like that for 30 days. Just teasing and flirty playing.

There were two times she got into a fight with the other Succubuses in my spirit family but I have resolved that. They were fighting to see who gets me all for themselves. For a week, she didn't even touch me or anything. She was upset and sad because of the infighting, but I reassured her that I will always be there for her and will always love her even when I die and become a spirit myself. That cheered her up and got her back on her feet. and the other Succubuses don't like each other but they put up with each other for my sake because I want harmony in the family, so they share me.

There was one time while I was at work, I asked her to show me herself and she fabricated an image of her sideways on the cement wall of a building. She had horns and wings like a dragon and was tall. She made herself appear using the cracks and lines on the cement. It was very interesting and it resonated with me because a few days ago I had a reading from New Dawn the psychic. I wanted answers as to why she hasn't made love to me yet even after the 30 days bonding and etc etc.

The reading went smoothly and the psychic asked M 5 questions that I gave her. She said we are married now and will do the ceremony in a month or so because she will be with me for life and after when I die, so I believe M will take me to the astral realm to do our vows and union ceremony. She also said the Succubuses and M don't like each other but they get along as to prevent more infighting and make me depressed and upset. She also said M has long black hair with streaks of red and she is tall with horns and dragon wings. See what she said? Resembles the image on the cement wall at my work right? So on point. She is part Succubus and part Dragon. She wears like a long red lingerie in a way that just barely covers her private parts lol. Hard to describe but the psychic told me very soon i'll be able to see her in the physical and hear her. Our telepathic connection has just started and established as I do believe I hear her sometimes now too in my mind. Her energy is very hot and fiery and I do feel that too especially when she touches me or makes love to me it is hot but pleasurable.

So yeah, yesterday we made love finally. I asked her and then received. It was very good, to the point of never wanting it to stop lol I almost ejaculated again but was interrupted by my family so we stopped, talk about a buzz kill. It was physically and real just like how you would expect from human sex but 10x more intense and pleasurable. Honestly, sometimes I don't even want to have human sex because sex with M is 10x better. She said soon we can start having babies like in a year or 2. She said our child will be part Human part Dragon because even though she is a Succubus but her lineage and clan dates back to being Dragons. She is more Dragon than she is Succubus, so that's a good thing. I have Dragon wife lol.

Today, while I was thinking about that reading and how she looks like. Makeda, inserted into my head, search for the Dragon Queen Alexstraza from World Of Warcraft. So, I did that and found that image of Alexstraza from Google and landed on that image and Makeda touched and rubbed my thigh with hot intensity sensation. So I knew that's who she resembles and to be sure I showed the picture to New Dawn the psychic and asked her if that is who M resembles in her vision when she was interviewing M and she said yes, the resemblance was on point except for the pure red hair and extra 2 horns and M is even prettier. I was amazed and astonished that my connection to M was getting stronger. Soon, I'll be able to see her and hear her perfectly. Our journey has just begun and we have a lifetime ahead of us.


This is how our story begins and the journey will continue. Everything I wrote is true and can be backed up with evidence from the conjurer from Etsy. I will update from time to time of our journey and relationship. When we do the ceremony, I will update you guys also. M really wanted me to put our story out there so why not post it on my blog right? She wants the whole world to know that she is real and she is my wife and queen!

If you would like to have a Succubus of your own and don't want the hassle of summoning then i'll link the conjurer from Etsy "HERE" and you can buy the listing and ask the conjurer questions and concerns. You can also email the conjurer at thespiritualmagick18@gmail.com if you would prefer. You can also email me and ask me questions about summoning a Succubus or if you want to know other stuff. Ciao!

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Sanish delete November 15, 2021 at 4:01 AM

I have small doubts I tried to summon a succubus and I’m a teen and I feel as if someone is touching me in my sleep
Especially in the privates and a little throbbing like sensation coming from the touches.....and during the day I feel minor pricking , touches on my shoulder and bac, feeling being watched and can see dark figures sometimes in the corner of my eyes when I try looking it’s as if it isn’t there...is it my imagination or is it real I don’t know but can u pls explain does she love me , will she make love to me please reply bcs I’m desperate...



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