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Fae also known as Faery or Fairy. They live right next to us in a dimension close to our physical plane. Folklore and legends says; they are a mischievous bunch, small and likes to take children and switch with a changeling.

Although, some of that is true but not all. Some can be mischievous, some are good natured, some like to stay neutral. They do like to keep to themselves and they love nature as well.

They vary in size and shape as Fae is just a category for the different types such as: Elves, Nymphs, Gnomes, Banshee, Selkie, yes even Tinkerbell types which are small in size, as big as the palm of your hand.

Take Good Care Of Your Plants

Fairies love it when you take good care of your plants. The more green, healthy and lush the plant, the more attracted the Fae will be. If you have a green thump then that is a plus in their eyes.

Have a nice big garden with a ton of flowers. They love flowers and a different variety of flowers will help you in connecting with them. If you can, then pick off dead leaves that are hanging from the branches. Do cut them, just pick them off with your hands as the Fae hate it when you cut the plants.

They can help the grow of your plants; help it to grow bigger and stronger. More potent and healthier.

Offerings For The Fae

They usually like anything sweet. Can offer them candies, sugar, cake, cookies. All the sugary foods is welcomed. Milk is also good as an offering. If you have your third eye open, then you can communicate with a Fairy and ask him or her what she or he likes as an offering, that way it is easier but usually sugary foods and milk is okay if you just want to attract it to you.

Sometimes, they will give you rewards for the offerings. Money just might appear out of nowhere on your bed, shoes, or wherever is visible to your eyes. Maybe they'll fix something for you or help you out of a situation. Always be polite and respectful when talking or giving an offering.

If they offer you food or drinks in our natural world, then please do not reject and or refuse their offer, as that will certainly offend them and they might cause you harm or mischief.

If that happens then you can use cold metal or iron to drive them away. You can also make a salt circle around yourself to protect you for extra oomph.


Those are some information and tips about the Fae. They can be tricky to please and to deal with but treat them good once you have attracted them and you'll just get some rewards and good friends who can help you on your endeavor.

I also have a Fae that is binded to a ring that I wear. She is quite a lovely character; shy, timid and always has a positive attitude and mindset. She likes sugary foods and loves to look out the window. She is small, the size of my palm and flies around every so often. Doesn't talk much but I can feel when she is around.

If there are any concerns or questions, then you leave contact me. Thank you for reading!

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