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Bone Chilling Ghost Stories | True Encounters
Bone Chilling Ghost Stories | True Encounters
Have you ever encountered a ghost or a spirit? One that makes all the hair on the back of your neck stand up?

Maybe Demons are stalking and terrorizing you in your daily life? Or just a malevolent ghastly spirit who despises the living?

In this article, I will tell you ghost stories that have happened to me throughout my life and stories from people that I have recently contacted.

These stories are bone chilling, terrifying and also true as fiction is not what I write about. Please be advised as it is not for the faint of heart. Let’s begin shall we?

    The Shadow Man

    The Shadow Man

    When I was about 6 to 7 years old, I can vaguely remember being in one of the kids' house with 3 other kids. We were sitting on a bed and telling ghost stories, mostly about the house we were at.
    The kids spoke of a lady who had died in the house and she haunts the place popping up from time to time. At the time, I was the only one wrapped up in a blanket as I was the only one scared out of my mind.

    When we were finished with the story telling, the kids had all rushed out of the house and left me inside alone. It was a blur moment for me, the only light that was on was the bedroom.
    While sitting on the bed, I was recollecting my thoughts and in an instant, a shadow of a man zoomed by me. It was like a camera flash just turned on and then off.

    Quickly, I ran out of the house and stood outside looking in that very window where the bedroom stood. There he was, standing beside the bed and looking back at me. His eyes were red and had the most ominous smile that made me almost peed myself.

    I never went back to that house, even when that kid invited me back. It traumatized me until this day.

    The Possessed Girlfriend

    The Possessed Girlfriend
    This story happened to me back when I was 15 years old at the time. I had lived in this house for a good 3 years without any Paranormal Activity going on. For some odd reason, unnatural occurrences started happening whenever Jenny was around. the house at the time gave me the Heebie-Jeebies when she over. Her name will be changed for sensitivity and privacy.

    It was around 11 pm, we were sitting on the couch watching an Anime called Gundam Wing that was showing on Cartoon Network.

    I was smoking a cigarette and concentrated on the show with Jenny sitting next to me on the couch. Out of nowhere she tapped on my shoulder and asked me if I knew? I did not know what she was talking about. What did I know? Her facial features were perfectly normal, eyes and mouth had no strange features and all seemed perfectly fine.

    She kept on asking me if I knew there was a woman living in this house that was waiting for her husband to come home from the war. I sat there nonchalantly telling her NO, I did not know. She started giggling and her eyes were focused onto mines without blinking, that was when I felt dread creeping up on me.

    Let me make this clear, Jenny only spoke Cantonese and English and was fluent in both languages. I have never ever heard her speak another language before and it was very clear to me at the time.

    After all that laughter and excitement from her, Jenny curled up in a ball and rocked back and forth, singing a song in Chinese Mandarin.

    The cigarette in my hand went down on the ground and my jaw dropped as I was in total shock and fear. This went on for a good 4 minutes; she then relaxed her body and went limp. After about a minute she opened her eyes and asked me why the cigarette was on the ground and why was my mouth opened.

    I asked her if she remembered what happened, she said no. I told her, this was not a joke and to be completely 100% honest and serious with me. She had a puzzled, confused look in her face and said she did not know what I was talking about.

    We talked for about an hour. I kept on asking her questions over and over again to be sure she wasn’t trolling me. Till this day, I still recall that feint smile and laughter and that singing so vividly and mesmerizing that it sometimes still haunts me till this day.

    The Girl In My Dreams Who Appears On My Wall

    The Girl In My Dreams Who Appears On My Wall

    So, this story is still related to that incident with my ex Jenny. After that incident about 4 weeks later, I would keep on getting this dream about a girl who kept on telling me she had finally found me after all this time. I am guessing about hundred years to a millennia as she said it has been a very very long time.

    The dream lasted for about 3 weeks until it finally came to a spot and since then I had never dreamed of it. In my dream, I would see a blank white background and her face would appear right in the middle. She had white bright yellow blonde hair, eyes as blue as the ocean and skin as white as snow, and every night I would see her.

    She would tell me that we were once lovers in the distant past and searched for me for all this time until she finally found me in this lifetime that I am currently living in. I do believe in reincarnation, I also believe she had never reincarnated and just waited and waited until she found me.Every night, I would wake up around 12 am - 1 am and would be sweating profusely after that dream. When I look towards my wall, in plain sight; WITH THE LIGHTS ON, there she was standing on my wall as a shadow.

    I was not hallucinating at any given time because I would see her on my wall for 3 weeks straight after I dream about her. Same shadow, same outline, same curves, same hair length and etc. She was wearing what looked liked like a shirt with shortened sleeves that reached up to her forearms. A dress that is long and down to her feet. She would always grab both the left and right side of her dress and bow to me in an old fashioned Victorian 1800s way. She would then wave to me and blow me a kiss and disappear once I blinked my eyes.

    Like I said, this went on for 3 weeks until she finally disappeared for good. Since then, I never had those dreams again and I never see her on my walls ever again, once in awhile I could feel like somebody was still there just watching over me.

    The Old Lady Who Sleeps Next To Me

    The Old Lady Who Sleeps Next To Me

    Last but not least, this story was when I was around 20-21 years old. At that time, I had moved in with my friends and we shared a whole house together. There were 4 of us living in the house as it was a huge house with about 7 rooms including the basement suite.

    When I moved in, one of my buddies told me to look out for an old lady who likes to spy on us every once in awhile. I asked him if it was the neighbours; with a big grin on his face, he replied no. He said it was the spirit of an old lady who lives in the house with us and she was cool as she never really bothered anyone.

    That evening, when I was on my computer and doing dungeons playing on an MMORPG called World of Warcraft, there she was at the corner of my eyes slightly to the left behind me. I quickly turned around but she was not in sight.

    I shrugged it off and went back to my game. A few days later, I decided to sleep on the couch because my room was cold as hell plus the couch pulls out and was also used as a bed. That evening around 11 pm, while watching “A Haunting” on the television, I started hearing weird tapping sounds coming from the kitchen as it was connected to the living room.

    It started growing louder and louder until it turned into scratches on marble. I started panicking and prayed to whoever was out there to help me. Shadows darker than the dark started to move towards me. I sat up and rushed towards my room and locked the door behind me. A gentle breeze swooshed over me and I felt somebody hugging me, it was warm and full of love and really calmed me down until i fell asleep.

    The next morning, when I went out to the kitchen to make breakfast, one of my buddies told me there was a piece of long blonde hair stuck to my crotch. I’d say it was about 10 inches long. All the boys laughed but would stop as they realized none of us had long blonde hair; we were all asian and had short black hair.

    My room was always cold and it felt like it was always -10 degrees celsius even when the heat was blasted to max. Every night I would sleep with a sweater and sweatpants on and go to sleep and I would wake up with a strand of blonde hair stuck to my clothes. I genuinely believe she was protecting me from whatever was out to get me in the kitchen.

    Creepy Reddit Stories

    Let’s move on to stories by Reddit users that I have received from them. Names will be changed for sensitivity and privacy of course.

    Something Grabbed My Leg | Jacyntaralax

    Something Grabbed My Leg | Jacyntaralax
    When I was a kid, something grabbed my leg and started dragging me towards the wall. I tried to scream for help but no sound would come out. My step dad walked in, grabbed my arms and pulled me free; he said my foot was inside the wall. We moved a few days later.

    Although this story was a little short; it was really intriguing and interesting.

    The Abandoned Guest House | Arizbeth0102

    The Abandoned Guest House | Arizbeth0102

    The following events took place in a small town of in Guerrero, Mexico. And if anyone has ever been or is from Mexico then you’ll know how small and the towns are, out in the rural area most of them.

    Anyway these events took place when I was 10 years old, I am 24 now. I remember playing with my cousins one night in December. My family tends to go out of the country into climate weather as the cold winter makes its way into the Midwest. 

    Our family has an old ranch like house. An hacienda to be exact. Anyways, our house had an abandoned guest house in the back, it always looked old and torn down. Nobody had lived there for years. When I would ask my dad about it, he’d always changed the subject, but he would always tell me to stay away from it, and not go anywhere near it. He had all the windows and doors boarded up.

    Anyways, one night I was out playing with the sparkly fireworks with my cousins in the back of our house. They all were older and wanted to go check it out. I had no choice right? I was the youngest one in the group; there were 5 of us. Me, Michelle, Frank, Alfred, and Jean. They were all older than me by like 3-4 years.

    Anyways, they all suggested we go into the house, and as scared as I was, I obliged because I did not want to be seen as a scaredy-cat in front of them, considering the fact that they did not allow me to hang out with them often. 

    One of my oldest cousins Frank went and got a hammer, took down the wooden boards from the door that was preventing us from going in. We all looked at each other with a smirk on our faces. I didn’t want to say it but I was scared out of my mind...

    Upon entering the house; the first thing we saw were crosses, all over and what looked liked ritual signs all over the walls, doors, and ceiling. It smelled awful too. 

    We all stood together though, I absolutely refused to have us split up. Anyways, the further we got into the house the worse things we saw. We saw dolls, they appeared to be voodoo dolls, and other things that made us believe that there were rituals and satanic things going on in the house. We were scared, I suggested we get the hell out of there but they declined and said I could head back if I wanted too.

    At that point, I did not want to walk back alone so I stuck around. I could tell my other girl cousins were just as scared as me. We walked into a room in the back, it was cold. Way too cold for the type of weather we have down here. It must’ve been 40 degrees, if not less. There were pictures on the wall of the family that lived there before. Each person had their eyes scratched out, something was running down their eyes.

    My cousin Jean grabbed one of the pictures and rubbed what looked liked fresh blood. The look of fear in her face was obvious. She suggested we get out, Frank teased and convinced us to keep snooping around. We did, bad idea. As we made our way into a different room we heard someone in the closet, I swear we thought someone said “Hi” in Spanish.

    We sprinted and laughed it off thinking it might’ve been one of our guys cousins. But it wasn’t until later on we learned the horrific truth about who that might’ve been and the terrifying events that took place in that house. Anyways, we made it to the other room, and it smelled terrible. We looked around and there were what appeared to be hair and more pictures of the family, except under every picture there was a hair bundle.

    We looked around and there was blood on some of the toys on the ground. Crosses were upside down and Satanic images all over the room, like every corner of that house was covered in something. At this point we were too scared, but still snooping around when my cousin Michelle screamed! It was a scream that sent shivers down my spine, as she focused her flashlight at one of the corners of the room. We all screamed and ran the hell out of there.

    What we saw in that house that night was not human. It looked like something you would hear about or see only in scary movies or stories. Whatever it was, it was tall, dark, it was on all fours. We couldn’t tell if it was all arms or legs or whatever it was. It had no mouth just these holes for eyes that I swear traumatized all of us.

    When we got out of there my cousin Michelle had a long scratch on her leg. The scratch had a strange figure though. It looked like a symbol. 

    When we got to my house, we told my dad what had happened. He sat us all down and told us never to go near that house again. So apparently, the father of the family who lived there went crazy when he found out his wife was going to leave him. He apparently made a pact with the Devil and sold his soul so she wouldn’t leave him.

    One night in the summer he went crazy. People swear he was possessed, and he ended up killing his 2 older teen sons and his daughter who was a toddler. After all that, he ended up killing himself. 

    My dad told us that when they found his body and the rest of the family they all had missing facial features. My dad had the house blessed and boarded up so nobody went in there again. Needless to say, I regret going into that house. My cousin Michelle was never the same after that, the scar never healed till this day. My dad had the house torn down shortly after and once again blessed the house.

    My cousin Michelle still goes and sits in front of where the door would have been and just stares...

    This story had me excited and thinking about what was in that abandoned guest house, but we will never know.


    Lady Spirit In The Woods
    Ghosts, Spirits and Entities are all around us, watching our every move and haunting us. Giving us signs to let us know that they are here with us. Were you freaked out? Did it leave an imprint on your mind?

    Those were some of the ghost stories that have happened to me and the Reddit users Jacyntaralax and Arizbeth0102. Although, I still have more stories to tell but we can talk about it in the next article.

    Have you ever experienced or encountered Paranormal Activity? Do you want to share your ghost story that is true and you know readers would love it?

    If you want it to be included in the next article then please by all means, contact me, I will read it and put it on my next ghost stories article.

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    Take care and be safe!

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