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Spirit Lovers | Who Are They? What Are They?
Spirit Lovers | Who Are They? What Are They?

What are Spirit Lovers? Why are they mentioned on the media and why do people search for them?
They are also called Spirit Wives or Spirit Wife. Their counterparts are Spirit Husbands or Spirit Husband.

They are come from your past life and or your current life and are with you always. Although you ignore them, they will occasionally make themselves known to you, either through telepathy or flashes and images.

    What Is A Spirit Wife And Or Spirit Lover?

    A spirit wife is a spirit or an entity which means they are either deceased or still living and breathing that is married to you in the Astral or physical plane. They were either married to you in your past life and found you again in this current life or initiated a marriage with you in this current life.

    Majority of the time, they will find a human partner on the same wavelength as them, which is your vibrations or energy. They are usually what you call "Soul Mates."

    They are not malevolent and are actually benevolent. They will and can help and aid in your life endeavors. They will and can protect you from all sorts of danger and they do get along with your human partner because they are understanding and are not the jealous type.

    What Are The Many Types Of Spirit Wives Or Lover?

    There are many types of spirit wives and lovers. They come as spirits or living entities from the Astral plane or Spirit plane. Here is a list of spirit wives in bullet point.
    • Succubus
    • Fae or as known as Fairies
    • Djinns
    • Angels
    • Demons
    • Human Spirits
    • Vampires
    These are the most common types of spirit wives and lovers. Although, there are could be hundreds and thousands of different entities and spirits on the astral; these are the most common that people have encountered.

    How Do They Feed Or Survive?

    Well, if they were the spirit of a deceased woman; then she wouldn't need any substance to survive or to feed because she is already dead. Once in awhile she can get energy from you offering different types of foods, incense or candles. That said, if she were a Succubus then that would be another notion. You can refer to this article to find out what a Succubus needs to survive.

    As for Djinns and Fae, they either get energy or substance from food offerings from you or back in their own realm as they would be coming back and forth because they would still be living and breathing.

    They still do have another life apart from yours in their own realms. But if they were deceased then, it would be the same as a human spirit.

    Angels are Divine Beings from the Heavenly Planes and they do not need to feed. You could still offer them energy from food offerings, incense and or candles also.

    Demons and Vampires can feed off of your sexual energy or you could offer them your blood. Offering them your blood is sacred and blood contains your life force which is a powerful energy source above all things.

    Can You Be Married And Still Have A Spirit Wife Or Lover?

    Yes, you can still have a spirit wife or lover even if you are married to a human partner. It would not affect your relationship with your human partner, you could keep it a secret but I suggest you tell your human partner about it,

    Even if you had a spirit lover, it would not affect your current relationship with your physical partner.

    Would You Be Able To Consummate With Her?

    Yes, it would be either in a dream, astral realm while astral projecting or in the physical while you are awake but that would require your psychic senses to be open and the entity would have to be powerful also.

    It does take a lot of energy to do it in the physical and both would have to participate in energy swapping.

    How Do You Get Married To One?

    That's a good question! So, how do you or did you get married to a spirit wife? She will appear to you in your dreams and communicate with you there. Sometimes, they would show you a past life with them, of when you were married to each other. 

    Does not matter if she is a human spirit or succubus or an angel. They will let you know everything that you had together before in a dream.

    If you weren't lovers from your past life, then they would take you to the astral realm and hold a marriage ceremony there, that's if you are willing to marry her. If not, you could just be lovers.


    Angel in the sky above the clouds looking down

    Spirit wives or spirit lovers are pretty much the same thing. There are many types of spirits and entities that are capable of being a spirit wife. They come from your past life and find you in this life.

    They can also find you during this lifetime by your vibrational wavelength during this current life and initiate a marriage ceremony with you if you are willing to. They come in many forms and can aid you through this life's journeys and endeavors.

    You could marry one in the astral realm during this life or they could of came from your past life. Now, you know what a spirit wife or spirit lover is.

    If you would like to know more about this topic or have any concerns or questions, then feel free to contact me and I would gladly email you back. Visit my shop for high quality products.

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